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Why Residents Love Living at OPAL

At OPAL by element, we pride ourselves on offering a rich and unique living experience for residents. Don and Isabella Ho have lived with us since December 2019, and they have graciously shared what they love most about our community.

A Spectrum of Care

We encourage our residents to live full, active lives, but we also know that having access to full-time nursing care gives significant peace of mind.

Don and Isabella mentioned that our Licensed Care level (long-term care) was a major deciding factor when choosing OPAL. They are both healthy and vibrant right now, but they like the assurance of knowing that, should either of them need a higher level of support, they can remain together and live an uninterrupted life.

Don says, “This ‘continuum of service and support’ is a unique feature of OPAL which we cannot find in most other senior living communities in Canada.”

A Brand-new Adventure

The OPAL tagline – “Pursue Life” – appeals to Don and Isabella’s sense of adventure. They are both active and enjoy living life to the fullest, so they love taking advantage of amenities such as the massage studio, the Himalayan salt sauna, and the modern theatre with ultra-luxe cinema seats. The long list of available activities combined with gourmet food choices and a full schedule of special events has made Don and Isabella feel like moving to OPAL was the right decision.

Don notes that “Fellowship within our community bubble makes a living here feel like an exclusive club where you can share your lot with other like-minded residents and keep each other company. This has been most desirable during the COVID-19 lockdown. Loneliness is not a word in our dictionary at OPAL!”

A Vivacious Community

Another major factor in their choice to live at OPAL was our commitment to intergenerational living. We don’t believe in isolating seniors with a quiet & inactive lifestyle. We encourage the whole family to participate in our fine dining experience as well as recreational activities. We also have an intergenerational activity area where grandchildren can play with grandparents and interact with other seniors in the community.

The couple reminisced about how much they enjoyed these experiences:

“Before COVID-19, we frequently experienced the laughter and spirit of games, which brought lots of joy to our community. Now, we’re overjoyed that those fun days are back – where residents’ children and grandchildren can visit us again.”

See it For Yourself, Live the Life!

If Don and Isabella’s experience sounds like the type of life you’d like to lead, we encourage you to reach out and find out more about OPAL and how you can make the most of life beyond 55.