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What is a LEED Building?

When you’re trying to maintain an environmentally conscious lifestyle, where you live is just as important as how you live. According to the Canada Green Building Council, buildings are responsible for 30 per cent of all greenhouse gases and up to 70 per cent of all municipal water consumption.

In an effort to combat this serious level of environmental stress and impact, the LEED system was implemented for buildings across Canada.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” It is an internationally accepted green building certification system, and it is the most widely used rating system because of its effectiveness. In fact, over the past 15 years, LEED has certified nearly 4,500 Canadian buildings and registered over 8,500 more.

Buildings that are LEED-certified must meet a stringent set of guidelines that verify that the building was constructed in a sustainable way. From an environmental standpoint, these buildings measurably reduce carbon emissions, save water, reduce waste and promote energy efficiency.

A LEED-certified building must also undergo numerous highly detailed inspections and performance tests, so obtaining this certification means that the structure is high-quality and built to last.

Benefits of a LEED-certified Building

Whether you’re living or working in a LEED-certified building, you will likely notice that it is better for your overall health and quality of life. This is because these buildings are designed to optimize fresh air flow and access to natural daylight, both of which are important for health and happiness.

The overall water consumption and energy costs for heating and cooling also tend to be much lower, and this means that you can live comfortably without the hassle of drafty rooms or stuffy spaces. You can also feel good about making some effortless progress in your journey toward a healthier, more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

In addition, you can enjoy more sophisticated recycling programs and incentives for energy efficiency.

OPAL’s Commitment to Green Building

We take our commitment to social and environmental responsibility very seriously, so we are proud to dedicate our energy and efforts toward better environmental stewardship.