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Watch for career opportunities as we recruit team members to serve in this community!

At OPAL, we are launching something different; a new retirement community that is multicultural, intergenerational, and offers a continuum of support. We are looking for people who are excited to help us lead the way in our industry.

Everyone who joins our team will play a role in building our OPAL community. We are looking for team members who will:
Take Action – A great experience depends on our ability to notice the little things and take action. Be willing to stop, listen and help solve a problem.
Be Caring – We are here to take care of our residents and one another. We are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others.
Show Integrity – We are here to do what we say we will and to be consistent in our words and actions.
Be a Community Builder – We are building a strong community and sense of family where residents and employees feel that they belong.
Be Committed to Learning – Being the best at what we do requires us to be open to learning. This helps our community to grow and individual careers to thrive.

Our promise to you is a work experience that provides:
Teamwork and collaboration. You can count on others to help you out even if it isn’t their job because we are all in this together.
Management support and feedback. Your manager will regularly connect with you one-on-one to listen to your ideas, support you and share feedback.
Accountability, involvement and transparent communication. Your manager will ensure that you know exactly what you are supposed to do and will involve you in decisions that impact your job and the residents that you serve. You can expect regular communication on issues that impact your job, the company and the Opal community.
Professional growth and development. We are committed to creating long term career opportunities for our people. You will have an opportunity to grow your skills in your existing role or train for a new role that aligns with your career goals.
Recognition. When you do a great job it will be noticed by your teammates, by your manager or by a resident. We want you to know that we value your contribution.

If this sounds like a community that you would like to be a part of, keep checking back with us as we will post updates on our recruitment plans as we get closer to our target opening of early summer 2019.