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Travel Tips for Older Adults

Travelling can be a logistical challenge and stressful at any age (delayed flights aren’t fun, ever). Here, a few tips for help make your next trip a little smoother.

  1. Request Special Services Early. Whether you have mobility issues that require you to access a wheelchair for travel between terminals at the airport, you need an airline seat in a row especially for disabled travellers, or you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to put these requests in to the airline carriers far ahead of your trip to ensure your needs are met. In most cases, if these things aren’t noted at the time of booking, the airline doesn’t have an obligation to deliver on them, no matter how necessary.
  2. Mind Your Meds. One of the beautiful things about being on vacation is being able to live in the moment and not worry about what time of day it is. But that can be a problem if your medications need to be taken right at noon. If you’re going to be staying in a hotel with very attentive staff, ask them to remind you of your medication times, or even better, wear a watch and set an alarm to remind you of your daily doses.
  3. Pack Right. Most avid travellers will tell you to travel with a carry-on bag only so that you don’t risk losing checked luggage. This is especially crucial for travellers bringing medications that they can’t afford to lose. When packing meds, place all prescription and over-the-counter medications in a small zip-lock bag so that they’re easily accessible if questioned during a security check. Also, be sure to have any doctor’s statements or prescription instructions at the ready. If you have any implants such as those in the hip or knee that may set off security alarms, bring along a physician’s statement explaining those too.
  4. Airports can be confusing places to navigate, even more so when you’re jet lagged and just stepped off of a long-haul flight. Those wanting a bespoke meet-and-greet experience at YVR can reserve an escort for gate pick-up, drop-off or connection through an organization called Airport Butler. This professional will ensure you are transported safely and efficiently to your destination.