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How to Travel Successfully as an Intergenerational Family

A destination vacation can be a great way to spend quality time with extended family. This is especially true for families with grandparents and older adults who are still fit and active.

When arranging a multigenerational getaway, it’s important to plan certain things in advance so that the trip is smooth and fun for everybody. Below are five tips for travelling successfully as an intergenerational family.

  1. Make sure there’s something for everyone.

Be sure to pick a destination that has a variety of activities. While your kids might love the water park, grandparents will likely appreciate museums or shops they can visit instead. Get input from your family so that everyone feels involved.

  1. Talk about finances beforehand.

This might not be the most fun part of planning, but it will save a lot of headaches and awkwardness if there are clear expectations regarding who is paying for lodging, food and activities.

  1. Give everyone space.

Remember that the best vacations give everyone the freedom to relax. Trips that are crammed with constant togetherness and activity can lead to tension and exhaustion, especially if you don’t plan rest times for young children and older adults.

Try to have a healthy mix of scheduled family activities and unstructured time for each person to explore at his or her leisure.

  1. Set childcare plans ahead of time.

This is another aspect of planning that may feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s important to hash out childcare duties beforehand.

While grandparents and other family members may be happy to help care for your children during a vacation, there should be clear boundaries regarding when it’s okay to leave kids with other family members and when parents will be watching them. This allows all of the adults to enjoy child-free time during the trip.

  1. Be flexible.

The key to a successful vacation is flexibility. Remember that you’re taking this trip as an opportunity to relax and have fun without the pressure of schedules and obligations. It’s okay to make itineraries, but if something comes up, or plans don’t go as expected, don’t stress. Being able to go with the flow will allow you to loosen up and enjoy your vacation a bit more.

Intergenerational Travel is a Special Opportunity

Being able to take vacations with multiple generations of family is a gift and a wonderful chance to make memories. With a bit of planning beforehand, these trips can be something truly special.