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The Story Behind the Hummingbird Logo

Choosing the right brandmark is just as important as choosing a style that showcases who you are as a person. At OPAL by element, we put considerable thought into crafting a logo that is simple yet beautiful and able to completely encapsulate our spirit and culture.

OPAL’s Guiding Light: The Hummingbird

OPAL by element show suite. Monday, Nov 7, 2016.
David Buzzard Photography

A vision of Candy Ho, our Co-Founder and a Founding Director of Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc, the hummingbird is the perfect representation of all the values that we hold most dear. It is a well-known symbol of joy, vitality, wellness and spiritualism. Spirit and culture are at the heart of everything that we do, and they are the foundation upon which our entire community is built.

The hummingbird serves as a beautiful reminder to our friends, family, residents, staff and management to embrace the OPAL philosophy every day. It also signifies to the community at large what we stand for and how we believe that life can and should be lived at every stage.

The hummingbird is a powerful spiritual symbol, and it carries a strong, positive vibration that we believe helps to anchor our purpose. It is also considered to be an important spirit animal, which we respectfully embrace.


How the Hummingbird Reminds Us to “Pursue Life” 

The OPAL tagline of “Pursue Life” was chosen with just as much care and consideration as our hummingbird logo. The tagline and logo work together to capture the essence of life in our community.

In addition to its ancient roots as a symbol of love, harmony, joy and wellness, the hummingbird is also representative of vibrancy, playfulness, positive energy, abundance, lightness and freedom.

Their sparkling, jewel-toned feathers and energetic movements evoke uplifting feelings of magic and liveliness in all its forms. Watching a hummingbird’s delicate grace and ethereal flight patterns can also remind us to find the richness and beauty in even the smallest of things that happen every day.

Finally, the hummingbird’s sustaining food is nectar. Understanding that hummingbirds thrive on the sweet nectar of nature is a wonderful reminder that we should all strive to allow the nectar of life to sweeten our everyday interactions.

Embracing the hummingbird as our representative and the embodiment of our brand allows us as a community to be constantly reminded that life is more vibrant when we allow ourselves to be open to brightness and positivity no matter where we are.