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The OPAL Routine Practices – Hygiene and Safety

At Opal by element, we care about the health and safety of our residents as well as our staff. We follow the guidelines recommended by Vancouver Coastal Health – Routine Practice in Home and Community Care. Although most of our residents and staff have completed their second dose of COVID-19 vaccines, we still prioritize the health and safety of our community.

Our Thermal Infrared Digital Camera is always used for screening at our Concierge with health and safety in mind. The entire OPAL team is trained in the proper use and sanitizing of Personal Protective Equipment. Every member of the team regularly uses alcohol-based hand sanitizers when at work. That is not all! Masks are still mandatory for staff, and visitors are given a new mask when they visit.

Based on the Routine Practices Guideline, Hand Hygiene is the most important step in preventing infections. In the VCH Hand Hygiene Procedure: Staff and caregivers perform hand hygiene before obtaining clean supplies, in contact with a client or client’s environment, and after exposure or risk of exposure to blood or body fluids. In addition, Client Education is essential in teaching residents how and when to perform hand hygiene, perform respiratory hygiene if coughing or sneezing, and regularly change into clean clothing or housecoat. Last but not least, it is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent the spread of infection. All visitors are required to reschedule visits when feeling unwell.

Together we can keep our families healthy and our city safe.

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