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The OPAL by element Recreation Team- We Love What We Do

Our amazing recreation team is constantly ensuring that there is never a shortage of fun and enriching events for our residents. It means the world to our recreation team when they hear how much the residents have enjoyed the events. Being a part of the team and creating memorable moments for the residents is rewarding.

Meet our team! 

Sabeena Denton, our Recreation Manager, graduated from SFU with a degree in Kinesiology. She has over 10 years of experience working with independent seniors.

“Seeing physical or emotional growth, even the smallest ones, encourages me to strive for more.” – Sabeena.

Brittani Linder, one of our Recreation Assistants, graduated from UBC with a Psychology and Philosophy degree. She has always been a huge fan of fitness. Brittani teaches boxing classes to our independent living residents as well as other fitness classes. She has also completed yoga teacher training and currently leads the yoga program at OPAL.

“Developing relationships with the residents and helping to bring meaning and joy into their lives makes working here so worthwhile.” – Brittani.

Sampurna Gurung (affectionally known as Sam), our newest team member, also has a degree in Kinesiology. By genuinely loving what she does, she is inspired to help others discover their interests and niches.

“I can make an impact on other people’s lives the way that others have done for me, and seeing that even the simplest efforts put a big smile on the residents’ faces makes me want to go above and beyond their expectations.” – Sam.

A passion for making a difference with what we do 

At OPAL, we wholeheartedly create a vibrant, engaging community with exciting opportunities to learn every day.

“Life is about new experiences and continuous learning.” This is exactly what drives Sam – to foster growth in others as well.

Brittani lives by the guiding principle that life should be full of positive energy. She was inspired by her father, who worked with seniors for 29 years and always loved the environment. Her infectious love of life is infused into everything she does, and it makes each resident’s day that much more positive and memorable.

Sabeena found her passion when she did her practicum at Burnaby General Hospital. She discovered that she genuinely loves working and helping seniors to obtain their health and fitness goals while working in the Mental Health Gym Program and Healthy Heart.

Life lessons along the way

Each member of our recreation team brings a unique background and skillset to our community. This is what makes OPAL such a colorful and lively space. But the interaction and experience of working with our residents inspire and teach us valuable lessons every day.

The residents are so kind and thoughtful with each other, and with the OPAL team, we are one big family. It is admirable how much they look out for each other. It is a powerful reminder to appreciate the people around you.

The biggest lesson we learned?

“You don’t stop living just because you have retired!”