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Purchasers, Michele and Douglas Guest, speak with Element’s Don and Candy Ho, about their family experience and why they decided on OPAL.

In this series, Michele (72) and Douglas Guest (37), mother and son, talk about their very moving account of their family’s experience, reflecting the experiences that Don Ho, President of Element, and his daughter, Candy Ho, have faced in their own family through the generations, which led them to form the intergenerational aging-in-place model.

Douglas bought two suites in OPAL: one for his in-laws that also serves as an option for himself and his wife when they get closer to retirement, and the other condo he bought for his mother Michele.

Michele, who is very active and independent, secured a corner townhome. She is excited about having her grandkids stay a very integral part of her life. They can do crafts in her open kitchen as she prepares meals; they can paint and sketch with her in OPAL’s vibrant art program; they can also do yoga and dance with her.

Douglas said he grew particularly concerned about aging in place after dealing with his father, who died last year at age 87 after a series of strokes. Guest said he wanted to start planning now before his mother developed any health problems. He said he wanted to be proactive about planning rather than re-active once a crisis developed. Most importantly, Michele and his in-laws can enjoy the quality of life they deserve, feeling engaged, socially connected, purposeful in their retirement years, while having the full peace of mind that they will never scramble if their health changes.

Session 1: Don Ho on his very humble beginnings, immigrating to Canada, and how his parents and in-laws inspired his concept for aging-in-place.

Session 2: Candy Ho on expanding her father’s legacy, innovating to break status quo, and her inspiration behind the intergenerational model – her mother’s commitment to her family.

Session 3: Michele and Douglas on their family’s experience.

Session 4: Michele and Douglas on why OPAL suits them so well, and how she has come to fully embrace downsizing and living in a community environment.