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Our Partnership in Research, Production & Installation of Pura Air Purifiers

At OPAL by element, our tagline is “Pursue Life.” In everything that we do, we strive to ensure that our residents are able to live vibrant, healthy and wonderful lives. For this reason, we are so excited to announce our collaboration with Pura Air to install air purification units in our Independent Living residence and Licensed Care level.

Pura Air Helps Residents Breathe a Little Easier at OPAL

Although we already have the highest grade of HVAC air filtration system in place, OPAL is working together with Pura Air in the research, production and installation of their medical-grade air purification systems. To begin our collaboration, Pura Air will be installing Pura Air units in high-traffic areas that can benefit more from cleaner, safer air. We are all thrilled about this development!

This is an especially important time to begin taking indoor air quality more seriously due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While breathing clean and fresh air is always best for your health, we believe that this partnership could not have come at a more opportune time.

Pura Air’s cutting-edge technology is able to capture 99.99 percent of nanoparticles in the air, including viruses, pathogens, spores, moulds and other contaminants that can make breathing more difficult than it should be. This amazing purification capability is boosted by both UV and HEPA filters as well, so there is no better way to ensure purer air quality.

We especially love that we are supporting and collaborating with a home-grown business and local talents – Pura Air is a Vancouver-based company. Having the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a local brand that is making such critical contributions to the nation is truly gratifying.

Chatting With Global BC About Our Project

Global BC has conducted a televised interview with Executive Vice President Ernie Hee and Feisal Nasser, CEO & Founder of Pura Air, to discuss our collaboration and tell the public more about the installation process happening at OPAL.

To watch the interview click this link .