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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a chance to show your mother how much you care about her and how grateful you are to have her in your life. Here are a few unique gift suggestions for that special day.

Birthstone Family Tree Necklace

Made of 0.925 sterling silver and hanging from a bead chain, this beautiful necklace can be personalized with up to four birthstones and engraved with four names. The main tree motif represents the growth of life and the connections of your family tree. This gift is ideal for both mothers and grandmothers as a way to keep their families close to their heart.

Adaptive Arthritis Pants

Classic and functional, these trousers work well for mothers with arthritis or those who use a wheelchair. Side-opening Velcro closures can make dressing much easier for anyone with lowered dexterity. The elasticized back waistband expands for comfort and side flap pockets are an added convenience. This gift comes in a wide range of sizes and colours and is made of a machine-washable polyester gabardine.

Digitized Photos

Mom probably has albums and boxes of photos that she’s gathered over the decades, but may be gathering dust in the attic or are difficult for her to access. You can upload these special family memories to her computer or smartphone and show her how to view them so that she can look at them any time. To digitize these photos, find a local service by typing “digitize photos near me” in Google Search. If there aren’t many options in your area, you can also use mail-order services such as ScanCafe. The process is simple; simply send your pictures to the company in a prepaid box. They then scan your photos and correct any imperfections. You can download the scans or have them returned on a DVD or other device. As a bonus, not only will Mom have access to her photos, you are able to keep copies and distribute them to the rest of your family as well.

Memory Journal

A memory journal encourages Mom to write down the story of her life through guided questions and writing prompts. There are a number of different notebooks out there, but one type is “Memories for My Grandchild,” which allows her to record her thoughts for her grandchildren in a hardcover spiral book. Concealed binding ensures the tome lies flat on the table making it easier to write in. This book also includes a fillable family tree and contains a storage pocket in the back for keeping photos and other important mementos.