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How to Keep the Romance Alive as an Older Adult

Are you an older adult who has lost the spark in their relationship? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring it back. People who would like to bring their love out of hibernation have options. Both relationship experts and surveys of older adults show that keeping romantic flames burning requires a little effort, especially as the years go by.

Remember the Little Things

Reflecting on how things were when you first fell in love can do a lot to help fan the flames of a relationship. Think about the small gestures and kind behaviors that made your love blossom in the first place. By recalling actions that inspired love, you could be reminded of how to make a partner feel special all over again. These could be simple actions like:

  • Holding hands
  • Hello and goodbye kisses
  • Saying “I love you” every day
  • Showing respect and patience

Celebrate With a Couple’s Photo Shoot

Chances are the last time you had a special portrait taken of you as a couple was on your wedding day. Older adults can revisit that experience by hiring a photographer or asking a relative or friend to take pictures. They can select a location for the photo shoot that is special to them, don fancy clothing and pose in romantic poses. The activity in itself could renew physical bonds and produce a portrait for them to display and remind them of their love.

Research Romance

Sometimes new information is all you need to help enliven your relationship. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman provides insights about how a partner wants to be loved and how that person communicates love. Apply these fresh insights and strategies and watch your relationship thrive.

Maintain Intimacy

The passage of decades often makes intimate relations less of a priority, but physical contact nurtures relationships. People who want to encourage intimacy could actively court passion by scheduling a regular date night or planning a weekend getaway. At home, a candlelit dinner with soft music could also make things feel special and exciting again.

Every year, Valentine’s Day invites people to express their love. A little effort to revive affection could reward older adults with a renewed ability to experience romance.