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Helping Your Grandchildren Prepare for Back-to-School

Going back to school after summer break can be an exciting time for kids. As a grandparent, you can play an important role in this annual tradition while giving Dad and Mom a little break. Here are a few tips:


Make This an Annual Tradition


While going back to school is already something that is going to happen every year, you can turn it into an actual family tradition by setting up a routine or events that correspond with it. Not only will this be something fun that the kids can look forward to, but kids also find safety instability, and an annual family tradition centered around them is a great way to create this sense of regularity in their lives.


Take the Grandkids Shopping


Kids inevitably enjoy back-to-school clothing and school supply shopping. This is an opportunity for them to express themselves and experience a little freedom in their otherwise rigid school life. Take the kids out for a shopping spree while giving Mom and Dad a break from the little ones and taking a task off of their plate before school starts.


Make Reading Fundamental


Reading and writing is an essential part of everyday life for adults. The ability to be able to do this well early in life has been shown to benefit children in school and personal matters. You can help foster a love for reading and writing early on by reading to and with your grandchildren. While this should be done on a regular basis all year long, it can be fun to celebrate the transition of summer to fall by choosing a book theme or favourite author for everyone to enjoy.


Create a Monitor-Free Space


Being a parent is tough and the need to keep kids occupied can lead to too much screen time for children. Take charge by providing a space that is free of electronics like tablets, phones, TVs and other screens. Set up a little library or bookshelf for the kids to curate on their own, or use this space to make a creative haven packed with crayons, paper, and other arts and crafts supplies.