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Health Symptoms Older Adults Shouldn’t Ignore

As we age, there are some medical and health issues that become more important for us to keep an eye on. Instead of taking chances, the next time you or someone you know is suffering from one of these conditions or issues, be sure to seek medical attention.


Chest Pains


One of the more worrisome causes of chest pains in older adults are cardiac episodes. While it may not always be easy to tell the different between cardiac and non-cardiac chest pains, the two can be felt differently. A cardiac chest pain generally features pressure and a squeezing of the heart area. Non-cardiac chest pains are more likely to be described as sharp, burning, or painful with palpitations. Both require immediate medical attention.


Stroke Symptoms


A stroke is a serious medical emergency, much like a cardiac episode, so knowing the warning signs are important for aging adults and those around them. These symptoms of a stroke can include numbness on one side of the body that may include the face, arms, and legs, trouble talking or understanding what is being said, vision problems, loss of balance or coordination, and severe onset of headaches without any obvious cause. There can also be nausea or vomiting in some people. Always seek immediate medical attention when these symptoms are present.


Confusion, Memory Problems and Delirium


These symptoms can be related to a host of worrisome issues including brain tumors, thyroid problems, adverse reactions to medications, dehydration and even urinary tract infections (UTI). They can also be symptoms of progressive degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, consider it a medical emergency until doctors prove it to be otherwise.