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Gastronomical Experiences: “Tea Around The World”

At OPAL by element, we believe in living life to the fullest and that means enriching your days with new experiences whenever possible.

One of the best ways to explore other cultures and expand your horizons is through food. A cuisine tells a unique story about its culture, and that’s why Executive Chef Alex Mok created a “Tea Around the World” gourmet dinner – a memorable dining experience for our residents.

The Menu

First Course

Green Tea Goldfish Pond

Dim sum stuffed with fresh lobster and seaweed in Dragon Well tea broth. Your journey begins with China’s famous “long jing” green tea, which is also known as Dragon Well tea. The “har gau,” or dumpling, is shaped like a goldfish. The delicately brewed tea broth is a pond in which the goldfish swims.

Second Course

Oolong Tea Bird’s Nest

Oolong tea sable, oolong tea jelly and oolong tea-smoked quail eggs.

This dish incorporates ingredients from all of the areas in which oolong tea can be grown and weaves them into a beautiful and delectable bird’s nest.

Savour the taste of marinated and smoked quail egg, Taiwanese cabbage, pickled snow peas, bamboo shoots, oolong tea sable, oolong mousse and oolong gel.

Main Course

Autumn Quail Hunt

Roasted quail smoked in Tie Guan Yin tea.

For the main course, experience the marriage of two important activities: Autumn game hunting and tea drinking. Fall is when the Chinese hunt game and they typically begin their day with tea before they venture out into the fields.

This course features roasted quail stuffed with Sakura pork and chicken giblets. It is then smoked in Tie Guan Yin tea and served alongside Chanterelle mushrooms, beetroot and quail jus.


Chai Jamon

Gluten-free Indian fried milk balls with chai syrup, candied ginger and caramelized pistachios.

To finish off your culinary journey, Chef Param chose to recreate a traditional Indian dish with his own twist. This famous Indian dessert has been infused with spicy chai flavour to honor his family’s chai-drinking culture, and it is paired with a delicious homemade chai that complements the dessert perfectly.



About Our Chefs

Our kitchen is led by award-winning Executive Chef Alex Mok. He has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, and his passion for cooking shines through every dish he creates at OPAL. Executive Sous Chef Edward Cheng assists with the creation and execution of Chef Alex’s vision, and his expertise is an invaluable part of the dining experience.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing team of chefs, who make every dish a visual and sensory treat!