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Four Ways Older Adults Can Boost Their Energy

When it comes to ageing, a drop in energy comes with the territory. There are a few reasons why older adults experience fatigue. One is that they spend less time in a deep sleep than they did in their younger years. The other is that after age 70, older adults have generally lost 30 per cent of the muscle mass they had in their twenties, making performing activities that much more difficult. The good news is there are ways to offset the energy droops older adults experience.

  • Grab a Glass of Water. Older adults can easily become dehydrated, and even if your body is 2 per cent dehydrated if can result in an energy loss of 30 per cent. If you’re feeling tired, grab a glass of water before reaching for a cup of coffee. It will likely put the pep back in your step without the need for caffeine, which can actually dehydrate you further. If you don’t like the taste of water, consider adding flavouring to it or purchasing pre-flavoured water.
  • Get Excited About Something New. If everyday feels the same and you aren’t having new experiences you may begin to feel tired and a little bit depressed. Learning a new skill by taking up a new hobby, going to a new place with a friend (even if it’s just a coffee shop you haven’t tried yet or a new art gallery exhibit) can be surprisingly invigorating and rejuvenating. Who knows, the new adventure could set you on a completely new path in life!
  • Pop a Supplement. Feeling tired could be a sign that your body is running low on some essential nutrients. If you’ve felt consistently fatigued for weeks or months it may be time to book an appointment with your family doctor and/or naturopath so that they can run some tests to see whether you need to boost your iron levels, or vitamins E, C, B or A.
  • Keep Stress in Check. Left untreated, consistent, ongoing stress over weeks and months can take its toll on your mind and body, leaving you feeling weak, tired and unmotivated. Sometimes a change of environment or an injection of fresh, positive energy in the form of a walk around the block, a phone call with an upbeat friend or even a vacation can be all you need to refresh and re-energize you.

 Finally, it’s also a good idea to speak with GP to rule out any medical causes for fatigue.