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Foods for High Iron and Potassium Diets

Piles of a variety of healthy organic legumes.

Iron and potassium are both needed to ensure our bodies are running at their best as they work to support a number of bodily functions. But both iron and potassium are essential minerals, meaning the only way to obtain these precious nutrients is through eating food. Since our bodies don’t naturally produce these minerals, it is important that we choose foods that are high in potassium and iron to add to our daily diets.




If you are looking to increase your iron intake, look no further than your local seafood department. Shellfish, in general, is a great source of iron, but clams, oysters, and mussels are especially high in iron. Then iron found in shellfish is heme iron, which is easier for our bodies to absorb. Seafood also comes packed with a number of other nutrients and health benefits, making this an all-around awesome healthy food. Some clams also provide a great deal of potassium to your diet.




One banana, two banana, three banana, potassium! Fathers all around the world have been telling their kids to eat more bananas for their health. Bananas have become known as terrific sources of natural potassium, and the fact that they taste delicious and have their own convenient all-natural packaging make bananas Mother Nature’s perfect treat.


Organ Meats


The body’s major organs work hard to provide life-saving benefits to the rest of our bodies. These major organs are also densely packed with nutrients to help keep them strong and supplying life to the rest of the body. In animals, this holds true as well, making organ meats such as liver, kidneys, and heart a great way to obtain iron, along with lots of other vitamins and minerals.


Coconut Water


People are turning to coconut water as a healthier alternative to sweeter drinks such as soda and traditional juices. This is because coconut water has a sweet and delicious taste, but manages to stay low in sugar and high in electrolytes which help refresh our bodies. Potassium is one of these electrolytes that we can get from adding coconut water to our daily diets.




Legumes are healthy vegetables that contain many nutrients and vitamins. Legumes include foods such as beans, lentils and peas. Other than being high in iron, some legumes such as white beans can provide a high amount of potassium.