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Five Ways to Leave a Legacy for Your Grandkids

Multi-generation living in Vancouver

When it comes to leaving a legacy for loved ones, dollar signs often come to mind. There’s no question that passing on cash, possessions and property can help your grandkids lead more comfortable lives and that those possessions can be meaningful symbols of your relationships with them, especially in the case of family heirlooms. But there are many other, less tangible, ways to leave a legacy. Here, a few ideas for leaving a meaningful impact on your grandchildren.

  1.  Give the Gift of Time. Creating your legacy can begin at any age. It starts with being present with your loved ones and giving them the attention and affection they deserve when you are together. For some that can mean turning off their cell phones and putting away all other distractions when they are spending time with their grandkids. For others, it can mean making an effort to attend each and every concert and ball game their grandkid participates in.
  2. Get Back to Your Roots. Researching your family’s genealogy and creating a document or scrapbook containing information and images about your ancestry is a wonderful way to show your commitment and dedication to your family, including your grandchildren. This is a wonderful way to preserve and pass on your legacy and can be a keepsake for generations to come.
  3. Gift Others. Choosing a charity to donate a portion of your money to in the name of your family can be a wonderful way to honour your loved ones.
  4. Share Wisdom and Lessons in a Video. Video footage is the closest thing to you being there in the flesh and a video of you addressing your grandchildren will allow them to connect with you long after you’re gone.
  5. Write a Letter. A letter where you share your values, cherished memories, and hopes and dreams for your descendants is something your grandkids will be able to open up and refer to anytime they miss you. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Leaving a legacy is a very personal thing so don’t be afraid to get creative and make your legacy your own!