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Estimated completion in June 2019 and coming along beautifully!

We are as excited as you all are about your move to OPAL this coming year! We are incredibly pleased to announce that we are now 100% sold out, and 100% reserved on our rentals, with a waitlist that is building by the day! Below are some recent images of the residence under construction.

We understand that alongside the positive anticipation, there must also be some level of anxiety around the planning and coordination that is involved with every move, such as funding transfers, sale of home, and making downsizing arrangements. Out of respect and courtesy, we wish to proactively communicate with you that as of last week (November 15, 2018), PEAK Construction has advised that we may expect a slight delay in the date for  project completion.

We had originally estimated construction completion to occur between the middle of February and the middle of May. It appears now that we are leaning into June 2019 due to a number of reasons that were beyond our control, but Wendy Ho, our Vice President of Project Development, is working very closely with our contractor and all the sub-consultants to continue to move the project forward steadily.

As with any construction project of this scale, there are many moving factors, so we are unable to provide a definitive date. However, we are committed to continuing this proactive communication with you, and you will be advised expeditiously if we have any further updates. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

Drywall installation is coming along.


The Movement Studio’s curved walls


Corner unit with gorgeous views and high ceiling


Southern penthouse unit facing Queen Elizabeth Park, bright and spacious with high ceilings


Downtown views from a 3rd floor unit


Central building on the north side


Stone exterior on ground level


Yukon building