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Comfort and Safety Always Comes First

We all know how important building maintenance is, however keeping up with it all is challenging. At OPAL by element our Maintenance Team provides efficient maintenance services to ensure the comfort and safety of our residents.

Safety Drives Our Passion

Thomas, our Maintenance Manager, has 30 years of experience in construction and managing buildings for developers in the Asia Pacific. Thomas’ passion for maintaining senior living residences began in 2014. Thomas loves what he does and believes in doing what he is passionate about.

Our Maintenance Assistant, Chris, has 9 years of experience in building services and maintenance. “Knowing that the work I do every day is a meaningful contribution to help our residents live their lives well makes it all worth it.” Says Chris.

To achieve the highest standards of operations, our Maintenance Team performs daily tasks such as:

  • Testing water chemistry twice a day to comply with regulations by Health Authorities
  • Supervising and managing outsourced service providers
  • Checking on fire protection systems and efficiency of our back-up generators regularly
  • Conducting evacuation drills
  • Checking all common areas and amenities to ensure they are operating at optimum
  • Attending to additional requests from condo owners regarding building warranties and deficiencies
  • Planning for scheduled maintenance programs for the community

Biggest Lesson Learned in OPAL 

OPAL’s intergenerational living model is unique to the industry and is inspired by all-inclusive living arrangements within families in regular homes and condominiums. As a manager of the OPAL team, Thomas learned that his time caring for his 86-years-old mother is valuable and memorable. Evolving lifestyles is something we all need to think about as we embrace change in our life. Our health and care requirements can change at any time.

Being among residents with amazing life stories and experiences inspires Chris to make a difference in maintaining a healthy and safe environment. As Chris says, “the most rewarding moments are the warm smiles on residents’ faces and their positive feedback.”

Our Maintenance Team keeps safety and comfort a priority for our community so that residents can fully enjoy time with family and friends with peace of mind.