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Choosing a Retirement Community Versus Living at Home

It’s common for older adults to cringe at the thought of the phrase “retirement community”. Often, it conjures depressing images of dark nursing homes and being forgotten by loved ones. We’re here to clear up those misconceptions.


In fact, many older adults who have made the decision to move into a retirement community will tell you that it is the best thing they could have done for their health and happiness. While technology has certainly made it easier for older adults to “age in place” at home, there are quite a few extra benefits to choosing a retirement community.


  1. Convenient Amenities


Most communities offer exercise facilities, group fitness classes, continuing education and easy access to transportation. Some even have on-site healthcare offices, which limits the need for owning a car or wasting the day traveling to appointments.


In addition, there are certain retirement communities that have the option for assisted living, which is something to consider for the future. If you happen to need more intensive care later on, you will be able to stay in the community you’ve grown comfortable in.


  1. Lots of Socialization


Physical, mental and emotional health are all important issues for older adults. Loneliness is not often talked about, but those who choose to live at home are at risk of becoming isolated and depressed. While this doesn’t happen to everyone, choosing an independent living community allows you to have lots of time alone with access to a community of individuals, some of whom may share your interests and hobbies.


Most communities keep a full schedule of events and activities that allow for conversation and connection among residents.


  1. Safety and Security


When you own a home, you’re responsible for the upkeep and maintenance. This can be burdensome as you grow older, especially if your finances are tight. If you move to a retirement community, the stress of home maintenance and unexpected costs is gone. Most communities keep a maintenance staff on call to help with everyday issues that would normally cause frustration or financial strain.


In addition, the majority of retirement communities are gated, and many even have dedicated security staff. This allows for peace of mind if you decide to travel or simply want to walk your dog late at night.


Retirement Communities Can Become Home


Right now, “home” is probably the house you chose to raise your family in. However, as you age, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the right retirement community can become a cherished home as well.