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Candy Ho, co-founder, Director and VP of Element, speaks at the 30th Public Salon by Global Civic Policy Society

Candy Ho, co-founder, Director and Vice President of Element, leads a movement to restructure society to address the Silver Tsunami with an integrative, intergenerational solution that ends the stigma and categorical isolation of retirees and elderly.

We envision a future where our model becomes as pervasive as condominiums.

As Element’s flagship, OPAL is the first residence to provide an intergenerational living arrangement that frees the sandwich generation from running errands and chores, and acting as caregivers. Just as people pay strata fees to liberate themselves from “home maintenance”, families can pay for a warm, vibrant, intimate environment within which our staff – who are an integral part of the community’s broader family – provide hospitality, recreation, and adaptive support and care, thus lifting the sense of burden and obligation across generations, liberating time, and creating opportunity to build memories, explore passions and interests with each other.

If Element’s model becomes a common living arrangement, “retirement homes” and “old folks homes” can be a thing of the past one day. There will be no more saying, “I don’t need this yet”. From the moment we are born, we are aging. Life is an exhilarating, unpredictable journey. The reality is that support and care can be needed at any stage in life, and we can all benefit from the peace of mind that regardless of what happens to us – accident, illness, or we sometimes we are simply overwhelmed in day-to-day challenges – we can live within lifestyle communities that are about passionate and purposeful living, social connection and integration. The focus is on proactive wellness. But should that rainy day come, whenever or if ever it does, nobody needs to be displaced. There is never a trigger that tears apart spouses, family and friends.