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Canadian Seniors are Working More Than Ever Before

The most recent Canada Census found that 5.9 per cent of seniors are working full-time: the highest amount since the reviews began in 1981. Reasons for re-entering the workforce or continuing to work vary: some older adults cite divorce or low returns on investments as causes of financial strain, while others say a desire or necessity to support children or aging
parents is the reason to continue picking up a paycheque. Here, five jobs that are ideal for older adults in retirement.

1. Usher, ticket-taker or museum guide.

Are you a patron of the arts? Working in a museum or theatre could be the ideal role for you in retirement. Not only do employees often receive free tickets to events, but this is also a great opportunity to interact with attendees who share your passion. These roles are often flexible with part-time opportunities available.

2. Pet or House Sitter.

Taking care of other’s pets or staying at theirh omes to water plants and bring in the mail are great ways to incorporate much-needed variety and activity into your life as a retiree. See house-sitting as a type of staycation: a little getaway without having to pay for a hotel!

3. Monetize Your Skills.

Whether painting, writing, gardening or dancing is your thing, retirement is a great time to monetize some of the hobbies
you have developed over the course of your life. Many freelance positions can be found on sites such as

4. Tutoring or teaching

Tutoring or teaching the skills you have developed over the years, (be it teaching a foreign language or helping high-school students with their math homework) can allow you to pass on the knowledge you have developed over the years to younger generations. This can be an extremely fulfilling way to make some extra cash in retirement.

5. “Right-sizing”

Right-sizing the career you had before retirement. Are you a retired police officer? Maybe you can take a job in your branch’s administrative office. Did you used to be a high-level exec at a financial firm? Maybe your firm has some short-term contracts on offer. Doing a little bit of what you did prior to retirement could be a great way to bring in cash and keep you socially and mentally stimulated. For those taking on off-site and freelance projects, Opal by Elements Lifestyle offers
a business centre for residents.