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What to Buy Your Grandchildren this Year

As a grandparent, buying gifts for your grandchildren might sometimes feel overwhelming. Talking to their parents can be helpful, but even then, you might still feel a bit lost as to what’s “cool” and what’s age-appropriate.

This buying guide offers a few suggestions for this holiday season that would be great gifts for kids of any age.

  1. Give Experiences

Toys can be forgotten or outgrown, but an experiential gift can give memories that will last much longer. If you know what your grandchildren are interested in, you can tailor the experience to match their interests, by gifting tickets to a sporting event or movie premiere, for instance.

If you’d prefer to give something fun but also educational, you should consider purchasing a family membership to places like the Vancouver Aquarium or Science World. These types of gifts offer the chance to create a whole host of memories and fun experiences.

  1. Age-appropriate Tech Toys

Whether you’re tech-savvy or you prefer to keep it simple, the fact is that technology is an integral part of life for kids of all ages. This means that age-appropriate tech toys, such as tablets and gaming systems, will almost always be a hit with your grandkids.

For children under 10, something like the LeapFrog Epic Academy tablet is the perfect gift. It’s designed with kids in mind and comes pre-programmed with educational content. Parents are also able to have full control over what the kids can and cannot do.

Older children would appreciate something more sophisticated like the Kindle Fire or a similar tablet. This gives kids access to games, books and anything else the parents allow.

  1. Subscription Boxes

Getting physical mail is a rare treat for most people. Subscription boxes are basically like themed gift boxes that come in the mail on a set schedule. If you know what your grandchildren are interested in, you can check out MySubscriptionAddiction and search the directory of boxes that can be shipped. You can pay up front for several boxes, or you can set up monthly payments and cancel when you want.

  1. Gift Cards

Many adults assume that gift cards are an impersonal present, but the truth is that your grandkids may appreciate the opportunity to choose something for themselves. Younger kids don’t often get to decide on what to buy, and older ones often don’t have disposable income for the things they want.

Buying gifts for your grandchildren this holiday season doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful. Any of the gifts listed above are sure to be a hit.