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富有激情而充滿活力的退休生活。 這是您值得擁有的。

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Candy Ho, co-founder, Director and VP of Element, speaks at the 30th Public Salon by Global Civic Policy Society

Candy Ho, co-founder, Director and Vice President of Element, leads a movement to restructure society to address the Silver Tsunami with an integrative, intergenerational solution that ends the stigma and categorical isolation of retirees and elderly.…

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Purchaser's Testimonial - CEO of Kryton International Inc.

Kari is a tremendously successful, forward-thinking entrepreneur who runs a concrete waterproofing company that has presence in many countries worldwide, from North and South America to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.
Here she explains why she believes in OPAL and Element, and entrusts us with herself and her family: our innovative model that “gets it right”, our ability to deliver on what we promise, and the leadership behind it.

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CISL Radio Interview: The story behind Element - President, Don Ho and Vice President, Candy Ho

Father and Daughter, Don Ho and Candy Ho, President and Vice President of Element, introduce their background and vision.

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