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5 New Restaurants to Try in Vancouver

Vancouver has no shortage of culinary talent on display at its hundreds of restaurants. In fact there seems to be a new one opening (and another closing) every day. With abundant local seafood, meat, produce and dairy in close proximity, chefs are having a heyday creating inventive dishes at establishments specializing in everything from Ethiopian cuisine to “Nuevo Latino.” Here, five new spots to try.

Opened by the man behind the popular Italian spot, Ask for Luigi, St. Lawrence is J.C. Poirier’s ode to his home province of Quebec. Set on a cosy corner in East Vancouver, stepping inside feels like you’ve been whisked away for an evening to a bistro in Paris. Here, renown Vancouver restaurant designer Craig Stanghetta has worked his magic, telling a truly authentic Quebecois story through teal blue painted walls adorned with knickknacks. The food is equally Acadian, with favourites such as tourtiere, steak frites and ratatouille on offer plus an inventive tart-sweet pastis flambé lemon dessert. Vancouver’s only high-end Quebecois restaurant is a must-try.

With locations expected to open in North Vancouver and in the Olympic Village to add to the ones in Kits and the West End, customers can continue to expect excellent rustic Italian staples (think Burrata with prosciutto, authentic pastas and pizzas) at Nook’s ever-expanding its empire. Some of the city’s top chef list this as one of their favourite places for a meal so it’s definitely worth a try.

One of Vancouver’s most popular upscale vegetarian bistros, Heirloom Vegetarian is expanding on its West 12th location by opening restaurants in Kits, South Vancouver and Mount Pleasant. Don’t miss their menu staples with playful names such as Not Butter Curry Chicken, KFC Korean Fried Cauliflower and Chile Non Carne.

Opened in fall 2017, Vancouver’s Parq Hotel and Casino is home to five restaurants that are changing the face of the city’s culinary scene. All the restaurant concepts we’re created by internationally acclaimed Las Vegas-based restaurant consultant Elizabeth Blau, and all draw on local ingredients and culture for inspiration. While The Victor provides a high end classic North American steak and seafood experience, 1886 is an upscale Chinese restaurant offering tableside tea service, dim sum and delicacies from Canton, Szechuan, Hunan, and Shanghai.