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5 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear as a Family

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t just a child’s game. Grab the kids, parents and grandparents, head out to the costume shop or second-hand store (or even dust off that old sewing machine) and make Halloween a family affair! Here are four costumes you could wear as a clan:

  • Fairytale characters. How cute would it be for Grandma to dress up as Snow White and for the rest of the family to dress up as the Seven Dwarfs? Or Grandpa could go as Goldilocks while the rest of the family dresses as the Three Bears. If you seek inspiration from childhood fairytales there are endless options for family fun.
  • Sports Teams. Does your family have a favourite sport to watch or play together? Whether you choose a hockey, baseball or basketball team, sports are a great place to get Halloween outfit inspo. You can either dress in the same jerseys and wear gear representing various positions on the same team, or you can wear jerseys representing opposing teams.
  • Family History. Does your family have Italian lineage? Or Japanese? Take the opportunity to celebrate your family’s history and culture by wearing traditional garb that you wouldn’t wear on a day-to-day basis.
  • Role Reversal. How hilarious would it be for Grandpa to dress up as Little Johnny and for Little Johnny to don Grandpa’s glasses, bow tie, hat, and maybe even a grey hairpiece? Mom and Daughter could trade outfits for an evening to. It’s likely you’ll be laughing so hard that any family grievances will go by the wayside.
  • Dream Job. Did mom always imagine herself working as a flight attendant but never got the chance to do it? Or does the youngest grandchild in the family dream of becoming a doctor? Make Halloween an opportunity to live out those dreams, if only for an evening!

Remember to be creative and have fun! What matters most is that you are enjoying the holiday as a family.