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3 Ways Seniors’ Housing Improves Wellness

Some older adults are hesitant, or even outright opposed, to moving into an assisted living residence because they feel it symbolizes a loss of freedom. But there are actually a number of reasons why moving into a home can open up new opportunities and release older adults from many of the responsibilities that have been weighing them down. Here, three ways seniors housing improves wellness.

  1. Cleaning gutters, paying a mortgage, cutting the grass, cleaning and maintaining a home … those will all be things of the past once you move into a seniors’ retirement residence! Really, these residences are often like hotels where, along with maintenance of the property and landscaping, residents can opt to receive assistance with cleaning of their suites, as well as laundry and meals.
  2. Numerous studies have shown that social connections are as vital to our overall health as exercise and nutrition. Older adults who live in private residences tend to have fewer opportunities for social connections; often they are living with their spouses, or their spouses have passed away and they are living on their own. Mobility issues may prevent older adults from leaving their homes and connecting with others in their communities. Moving into a seniors’ living residence can provide an instant community with whom to connect with on a daily basis, whether it’s over a meal in the communal dining hall or at an organized activity such as a bridge game or painting class.
  3. Many seniors’ housing residences, including Cambie Village’s Opal by Element, are located in proximity to city centres, and one of the perks for many older adults is moving from the suburbs to a neighbourhood filled with cafes, culture and other stimulating activities that are in walking distance from the home. In the Cambie Village, for example, residents of Opal by Element can look forward to watching movies at the historic Park Theatre, to taking in a flamenco show at the Kino Cafe and to meandering the gardens at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park.