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25% of condominiums sold in 10 days

There has been an overwhelming amount of interest in OPAL, with many families visiting us every day. Several of our contracts have been signed in the presence of three generations of the family. It has been a tremendous pleasure to see that our vision for inter-generational family participation being so enthusiastically embraced. We are witnessing our new definition of retirement coming alive: retirement is no longer related to age or work. A signification proportion of our purchasers are in their early 60’s, with spouses in their early 50’s.

We are not a senior home, but a serviced family clubhouse residence that provides Assisted Living and Licenced Complex Care for aging in place, to offer families complete peace of mind that all their needs will be looked after professionally as they evolve in the long term – perhaps 15 or 20 years later. But in the meantime, life is to be lived fully and passionately, and we make that all possible with our vibrant programming of amenities and activities.

Our large suites are very popular, and a good number of them have sold. If you are interested in enjoying a high quality of life, please come by soon and don’t lose out on the opportunity to select your ideal home!

This young couple is very excited to be part of a vibrant clubhouse setting, with all daily chores looked after so that they are free to pursue their passions and interests, enjoying social connections all around. They’ve also recruited friends who have purchased units as well.