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2 and 3 bedrooms sold out. 18 units available.

The demand for our condominium units is steady and strong. We continue to have two generations of families purchasing to live together in OPAL.

With 2 and 3-bedroom units now all sold, families are now purchasing two nearby or even side-by-side suites for convenient visits with each other, while still maintaining a degree of independence.

Our rental reservations launch to the public on May 20, and we have already taken 7 reservations by private appointment from those who had registered to be contacted since 2016.

Now as we have a significant group of residents, we are excited to begin our focus groups and seminars to help families proactively participate in the planning of their activities and culinary program. We invite you to call 604.871.9265 or email us at to sign up for topics of interest, so that we may update you on upcoming sessions that might appeal to you.

We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you intimately as we together anticipate OPAL’s opening in early 2019!

With warmest regards from the OPAL by element Team!