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Style Tips to Make You Look and Feel Younger

style, older adult style, look youngerYes, exercise, a positive attitude and consuming healthy foods can all contribute to a youthful glow. But a few quick tweaks to your wardrobe can also make you look younger, and drastically improve your self-confidence. Don’t be shy: experiment with these tips and see what works for you!

Play with colour. While black can be slimming and elegant, the colour can also wash out pale skin and highlight wrinkles, bags and dark circles. If you must wear black, try pairing it with a bright scarf or jacket. This tip applies to both men and women who can add a pop of colour to their outfits with a bright shoe or playful socks.

Change Your Frames. Though you might be drawn to large, dark frames on your glasses because you expect them to hide dark circles and wrinkles, these can actually age you for the same reason a black outfit can. Instead, try wearing a pair of colourful, even neon, frames or those embellished with jewels. These colours and details tend to brighten up the face and are also an opportunity for you to express your personal style.

Don’t be Afraid of Shapewear. Shapewear is touted by fashionistas for its ability to smooth out visible bumps and lumps, allowing clothing to fall more gracefully on the body. As such, it’s a good idea to invest in some good shapewear so it’s at the ready when you want to don slim-fitting pants and skirts. But make sure it is not too tight—you want to be able to able to enjoy yourself, not to mention breathe, at your next dinner party!

Pile on Delicate Jewellery. Forget the broach. Instead, layer on a few playful, thin and long necklaces. This is an effortless indication that you are aware of the trends.

Wear Blue Instead of Grey. This tip is geared towards guys. While grey suits look great on younger gents, the colour can be ageing on older men. Go for a navy or dark blue suit instead.