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Douglas Guest has purchased two units, for his mom and his in-laws. He’s only 37 years old, but very much looks forward to his own children being able to spend quality time with both sides of the family, engaged in meaningful activities like cooking classes, arts and crafts, music, movies, ping pong and the like. He envisions his children staying with his mom and his in-laws for overnight visits. Their family regularly has dinners together, 16 of them. His mom is an accomplished interior designer and artist, and she is excited to participate in the programs we’ll host at OPAL.

Douglas opens up about his personal experience within his family. It’s a deeply touching account, and a beautiful story that gives reason for Element’s existence. What we do is validated, and we know through families like Douglas’ that what we do really answers all the hopes and needs for all families, and inspires them to life fully and with passion.

His family and their situation, their goals, their desires, are what drives the deep sense of purpose behind Element.

Below, please find the clips of our radio interview on 650AM.

March 11, CISL 650AM Interview – Segment 1

March 11, CISL 650AM Interview – Segment 2

March 11, CISL 650AM Interview – Segment 3

March 11, CISL 650AM Interview – Segment 4

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