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Five Places to Donate Your Spring Cleaning Purges

Whether you are downsizing or simply decluttering your space, donating household goods is a great way to repurpose items and improve the lives of those facing economic and social barriers. Here, five charitable organizations that will accept your lightly used and unused goods.

  1. The Salvation Army. Run by a Prodestant church since 1985, the Salvation Army is committed to ending poverty and supporting those in need. You can drop items such as lightly used clothing, electronics and toys off at one of the drop-off bins around the city or at one of the Salvation Army Thrift Stores. If you have larger items to donate, they can be arranged for pick-up.
  2. Vancouver Public Library. Do you have shelves full of books, DVDs, CDs and magazines that you want to clear out? The Vancouver Public Library accepts donations of these items. Be sure to indicate with a note that the goods are being donated as “gifts.” Then, bring them to any branch during business hours or to the central branch’s shipping dock.
  3. BC SPCA. Pet supplies and food, household items and even your car are a few of the items BC SPCA will accept as donations. Be sure to call ahead to your specific SPCA branch before dropping the items off.
  4. Big Brothers Vancouver. If your closet is exploding with old clothes, it’s time for a clean-out! Big Brothers Vancouver has a number of bins around the city where clothing can be deposited. Use this handy map to find the one nearest you!
  5. The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre accepts items that will improve the lives of females living in Canada’s lowest-income postal code. Unused toiletries such as deoderant, shampoo and Q-tips as well as towels, lightly used raingear, luggage and winter clothing will be happily accepted by the organization. For a complete list of in-need items, click here


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