Two Easy Heart-Healthy Recipes to Make for Dinner Tonight

December 13, 2017 -

Pollo à la Mexicana (Mexican Chicken) Packed with lean protein and tomatoes, which are filled with heart-healthy nutrients lycopene and potassium, this low-fat and traditional Mexican dish is best served over brown rice for a hearty and comforting winter meal. Prep time: About 10 minutes Cook time: About 30 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients 4 boneless…

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3 Weekend Getaways for PNW Travellers

December 05, 2017 -

With kilometres of mountainous terrain, and excellent dining, arts and cultural options to experience, Vancouver’s environs beg to be explored. Here, a few getaway ideas made for the mature adult. Harrison Resort Seniors Getaway Just a two-hour drive from Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs draws visitors year-round to its quaint community alongside the sandy beaches of…

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Apps for Mature Adults

November 19, 2017 -

Whether you need assistance with memory, health monitoring or simply want some fun entertainment, there’s an app for that. Here, five that are especially interesting for an aging population. 1. Designed and developed by a registered nurse, the Pillboxie app notifies you when it’s time to take your next pill. Simply colour code the medication…

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flu clinic

Get Immunized at Opal by Element’s Flu Clinic!

November 01, 2017 -

Aching muscles, a pounding headache and running nose .. just some of the signs that you may have caught the flu virus. The infection of the upper airway is one of the most common fall and winter viruses, easily transferred from human to human through coughing, sneezing or face-to-face contact. People 65 years and older…

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Seasonal, Farm-to-Table Dining a Cornerstone of Opal by Element’s Visionary Culinary Program

September 15, 2017 -

By Lise Boullard Moving into an independent or assisted living complex doesn’t have to mean giving up the healthy, excellent meals that you’ve always enjoyed with your family. In fact, at Opal by Element’s intergenerational lifestyle community, locally sourced, scrumptious food is a way of life—one that’s meant to be enjoyed by older residents who…

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