3 Ways Seniors’ Housing Improves Wellness

June 15, 2018 -

Some older adults are hesitant, or even outright opposed, to moving into an assisted living residence because they feel it symbolizes a loss of freedom. But there are actually a number of reasons why moving into a home can open up new opportunities and release older adults from many of the responsibilities that have been…

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How to Be an Awesome Grandparent

June 01, 2018 -

Being a grandparent can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. It’s a chance to share your affection, and to pass on your wisdom and life experiences with younger generations. Here, four ways to be the best grandparent you can be. Be Consistent. Children thrive when they have routines and people they can…

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Five Ways to Leave a Legacy for Your Grandkids

June 01, 2018 -

When it comes to leaving a legacy for loved ones, dollar signs often come to mind. There’s no question that passing on cash, possessions and property can help your grandkids lead more comfortable lives and that those possessions can be meaningful symbols of your relationships with them, especially in the case of family heirlooms. But…

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Canadian Seniors are Working More Than Ever Before

May 30, 2018 -

The most recent Canada Census found that 5.9 per cent of seniors are working full-time: the highest amount since the reviews began in 1981. Reasons for re-entering the workforce or continuing to work vary: some older adults cite divorce or low returns on investments as causes of financial strain, while others say a desire or…

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Signs It’s Time to Consider a Driver Refresher Course

May 23, 2018 -

For many of us, the ability to get ourselves from point A to B is the epitome of freedom and independence. But as we age, decreased vision and hearing, slower reaction times and reduced ability to multitask can make it difficult to react appropriately to stimuli on the road; while neck, leg and arm stiffness…

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How to Find Love After 65

May 15, 2018 -

Have you found yourself single later in life? While some prefer to fly solo, others feel more fulfilled in a loving, committed relationship. Here, five strategies for finding love as an older adult.   The Internet. Online dating is no longer taboo. In fact, a study by eHarmony found that 38 percent of Canadians uses…

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Five Places to Donate Your Spring Cleaning Purges

May 08, 2018 -

Whether you are downsizing or simply decluttering your space, donating household goods is a great way to repurpose items and improve the lives of those facing economic and social barriers. Here, five charitable organizations that will accept your lightly used and unused goods. The Salvation Army. Run by a Prodestant church since 1985, the Salvation…

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4 Things to do in Vancouver in Spring 2018

May 01, 2018 -

  Spring has sprung in Vancouver and there are so many wonderful things to do! Here, four we recommend adding to your ‘Spring Bucket List.’ Head out for a hike. Just a half-hour drive from some of the most beautiful rainforests in North America, Vancouver is a hiker’s paradise. The five-kilometre walk around Buntzen Lake…

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Tips for Downsizing from a Home to a Condo

April 01, 2018 -

After years of building memories in your family home, you’ve made the decision to downsize. It can be an emotional time for many reasons, but also an exciting time full of possibility for the next chapter you’re about to embark on. Having a plan for your downsize can help make the process a lot smoother….

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What is a Power of Attorney and Do You Need to Appoint One?

March 14, 2018 -

  Power of attorney, donor, beneficiary … all terms you may have come across as you begin to make plans for your future. But what do these words mean exactly? Here, a glossary of terms. Donor: An adult capable of making their own decisions who needs another person to act on his or her behalf….

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