5 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear as a Family

October 08, 2018 -

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t just a child’s game. Grab the kids, parents and grandparents, head out to the costume shop or second-hand store (or even dust off that old sewing machine) and make Halloween a family affair! Here are four costumes you could wear as a clan: Fairytale characters. How cute would it be…

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How to Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud

October 01, 2018 -

Older adults can be especially vulnerable to financial crimes as they often have covetable assets. Sadly, most financial crime doesn’t occur at the hands of a stranger; it’s close friends or family members who are often to blame. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself from financial fraud. Don’t have cheques sent to…

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grief, grief support

Grief Support for Older Adults

September 24, 2018 -

There are many wonderful things about growing older: having more free time to do the things we enjoy; the ability to look back on wonderful memories we have shared with friends and family, and the experience of imparting our wisdom and life experience on our loved ones. But there are challenges too, one of which…

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5 Activities the Entire Family can Enjoy this Fall

September 17, 2018 -

As summer comes to a close many of us are preparing to head back to school or are revving things back up at work. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Here are a few fall activities the whole family – grandparents, parents and kids—can enjoy together this fall. Hiking. Vancouver is surrounded…

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Should You Use a Do-It-Yourself Will Kit?

September 10, 2018 -

You’ve probably been told many times by your family, and your financial advisor, that you need a will. If you don’t have a will the money won’t go to the government, as some people assume it does, but it may not be distributed the way you want it to be. Along with ensuring your money…

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Style Tips to Make You Look and Feel Younger

September 01, 2018 -

Yes, exercise, a positive attitude and consuming healthy foods can all contribute to a youthful glow. But a few quick tweaks to your wardrobe can also make you look younger, and drastically improve your self-confidence. Don’t be shy: experiment with these tips and see what works for you! Play with colour. While black can be…

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3 Spa Getaways Around Vancouver

August 22, 2018 -

In our go-go-go world, even retirement can feel busy. Luckily, there are many beautiful resorts offering relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences around Vancouver that you can escape to for a few days. Here are three that are especially interesting. Located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is glamping at its finest. Guests…

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hiking vancouver, hiking senior, easy hikes vancouver

4 Easy Hikes Around Vancouver

August 15, 2018 -

Vancouver is known for its proximity to beautiful mountains and trails, many of which offer quite the challenge. But for those looking for a lighter workout there are some beautiful options in the area. Here, are five easy hikes around the Lower Mainland. Quarry Rock Beginning in the quaint community of Deep Cove, the hike…

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summer reading list, summer book list

4 Books to Read This Summer

August 08, 2018 -

It’s summertime and the reading is easy! Here are four books we recommend taking with you to the beach, to the cafe or on the plane this summer. In the novel, An American Marriage, author Tayari Jones tells the story of two newlyweds with bright futures ahead of them. Roy is a young executive and…

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“Intergenerational RRSP Loans” Could be the Answer to Unaffordable Housing

June 26, 2018 -

When it comes to finding ways to afford housing in Vancouver and Toronto’s out-of-reach markets, many homebuyers are forced to be creative. For some, that means pairing up with friends or family members to purchase homes. For others, it means choosing to rent out portions of their home to tenants who can act as “mortgage…

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