How to Keep the Romance Alive as an Older Adult

February 14, 2019 -

Are you an older adult who has lost the spark in their relationship? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring it back. People who would like to bring their love out of hibernation have options. Both relationship experts and surveys of older adults show that keeping romantic flames burning requires a little effort, especially…

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5 Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family

February 13, 2019 -

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples! A family-focused Valentine’s Day activity will help family members of every age bond. Grandparents, parents, and children can strengthen their connections and have fun with these Valentine’s Day family activities. Go to a Live Show Many plays, sporting events and concerts cater to all ages, and live events are…

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Winter Indoor Activities for Older Adults

January 24, 2019 -

Despite the fact that the days are short and the weather is cold, there are plenty of ways that older adults can enjoy their winter days. If you’re running low on ideas for indoor activities, you can try some of the ones outlined below. Hey—you may just find your new favourite pastime! Table Games Card…

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5 Ways Older Adults Can Be Healthy and Happy in 2019

January 17, 2019 -

As 2018 winds down, many of us are looking forward to the fresh start of a new year. It’s common for people to make several resolutions but abandon them after a few months. This year, consider focusing on one or two important goals. If you’re unsure where to start, you can choose one of the…

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Highlights from The Seniors Housing News’ Report on Intergenerational Housing

January 10, 2019 -

Retirement populations are changing—and so are retirement communities. Consumer demand, economics, demographics and land use are all driving the need for homes that accommodate older adults who want a higher quality of life. Because unlike the stereotypes of yore, today’s active generation boast better health, rising life expectancy, and fulfilling days. They want to remain…

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Isolation is a Top Issue for Older adults

January 03, 2019 -

In an effort to determine how the nation can best serve its senior population, Canada’s Minister of Older adults Filomena Tassi has been travelling across the country to meet with various citizens, families and organizations. The purpose of her tour is to get in touch with the people and better understand what the most pressing…

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How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Retirement Community

December 19, 2018 -

If this is your first time spending the holidays in your retirement community, you may be a bit concerned about how different it will be from your holiday celebrations at home. Here are a few suggestions on making the season fun, festive and warm. Don’t Wait. Initiate! If you are less mobile in your retirement…

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How Older Adults Can Stay Connected Over the Holidays

December 14, 2018 -

Have you found yourself alone for the holiday season in Vancouver? Fill your social calendar with the following festive celebrations. Seniors Christmas Dinner Open to adults over 50, the Seniors Christmas Dinner at Barclay Manor serves up a feast with all the trimmings. Live music and fantastic prizes brighten up the festivities. Wear your best…

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What to Buy Your Grandchildren this Year

December 10, 2018 -

As a grandparent, buying gifts for your grandchildren might sometimes feel overwhelming. Talking to their parents can be helpful, but even then, you might still feel a bit lost as to what’s “cool” and what’s age-appropriate. This buying guide offers a few suggestions for this holiday season that would be great gifts for kids of…

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5 Holidays Activities in Vancouver for All Ages

December 04, 2018 -

If you’re lucky to be surrounded by family members of all ages this holiday season, you probably have a host of fun planned at home. But there are many fun activities to enjoy in Vancouver, too. Here are five your family is sure to enjoy. Vancouver Christmas Market If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping…

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