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On this show, Element hopes to offer you information and encouragement that will get you on a focused path to financial freedom…a path that could easily have you become a resident at the OPAL by Element. Joining me is Maili Wong, who will be a featured expert here at OPAL’s Discovery Centre.

Maili Wong is Vice-President, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager with CIBC Wood Gundy with fifteen years of international investment experience including five years in New York City, during which she helped manage over $5 billion in assets for a global investment fund. She is a best-selling author and leading Canadian investment advisor. Her first book Smart Risk shares her personal story of resilience as well as lessons learned and secrets gleaned in her 15 years of international investing experience.

Maili Wong had just started her second day at Merrill Lynch in New York when her career changed forever. On that day — now known as 9/11 — Maili came out of a meeting at the World Financial Centre and witnessed firsthand the destruction of the World Trade Centre and the thousands of lives that were lost. Horrific as that was she worked in New York for five more years, saying the ordeal profoundly impacted her views on life and her work as an Investment Advisor.
She explains how this horrific event transformed her and her perspective…
“Seeing through the chaos and crisis, I had to be strong and resilient. This experience translated into me helping clients move proactively — rather than panic and react — on life and financial decisions.”

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